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Here at the Garden’s Gate Restaurant we strive to support local food producers. We believe that by doing so we strengthen the local community and ensure the best tasting, most nutritious and freshest food around. Our list of suppliers is always changing so check in to see what’s in season. Support your local farmers! Visit your local farmer’s market or grow your own!


LoonSong Biodynamic Farm,  Little Current

Heather and Paul supply us with organically & biodynamically grown grains- Spelt, oats, rye and red fife wheat.


Hore Fishery - Silverwater, Manitoulin Island

Melody and Murray have been supplying us with fresh whitefish, wild-caught from the North Channel for over 25 years


Island Gardener  Tehkummah

Manitoulin Island

with a smile that never quits and boundless enthusiasm- Anastasia raises organically, all of our lettuce and greens- enjoy them in our salads 


Blue Jay Creek  Farm - Tehkummah, Manitoulin Island

Boo and the gang supply us with whatever seasonal vegetables they have including snow peas, lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers.


Meeker’s Aquaculture - Evansville, Manitoulin Island

Meeker’s supply us with organically-raised rainbow trout.


Burt Farm - Ice Lake, Manitoulin Island

Max supplies us with naturally raised beef and pork.


Drumlin Farm - Sandfield, Manitoulin Island

Supplies us with Shiitake mushrooms (and the occasional wild one too)


Cheeky Heifers Farms - Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island   

Angela and Mike produce lambs for us.


Isle Away Honey and Maple Products - Mindemoya, Manitoulin Island  

Nancy and Dave and their bees and maple trees produce honey and maple syrup products that we sell and use in our kitchen.



Wildox Farms - Tehkummah, Manitoulin Island      

Madonna, Phoebe and Roland raise bison in our township.


And of course we have our own garden on-site with tons of garlic, squash, asparagus, heirloom tomatoes and herbs.


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