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Mainstream Beers

Hawberry Brew Lager, Cracked Canoe Light beer, Moosehead Premium Lager, $6


Ontario Craft Beers

 *bottle/can 341 ml   $6.25        bottle 500ml   $8.50      can 473 ml   $7.25        can  510 ml   $8.50


Fruit and Summer Beers



Raspberry Wheat Ale [4.5%] **473 ml can  Amsterdam Brewing, Toronto

An all natural, unpasteurized, smooth, full-bodied wheat beer. Crisp with a unique raspberry aroma and satisfying wheat finish.


Hockley Amber [5%] **473 ml can  Hockley Valley Brewing, Orangeville

Experience aromas of toasted malts and warm biscuits with a delicate caramel finish that ends with the crispness of a spring morning.


The Witty Traveller [4.5%] **473 ml can  Railway City Brewing, St. Thomas

Light bodied Belgian style Wit Beer - hints of spices, cloves and orange rind lead to a light malty gingersnap, peppery finish.



Organic Lager [4.2%]  **473 ml can  Mill Street Brewing, Toronto 

A true organic  European style lager- light, crisp, refreshing with a clean finish.  



Hibiscus Saison [4.8%]   **500 ml btl.   Royal City Brewing, Guelph


Pours off pink, with hibiscus leaves in blend. Offers light malt sweetness with crisp herbal hops finishing with a light spicy clove hint.





Split Rail Amber Ale [5%]  **500 ml bottle  Split Rail Brewing, Gore Bay, Manitoulin

This easy drinking crafted amber ale is clear and crisp with a with subtle hint of hops and malt - only on Manitoulin.


Split Rail Hawberry Ale [5%]  **500 ml btl  Split Rail Brewing, Gore Bay, Manitoulin

Subtly crafted with hawberries this ruby amber ale  offers slight hawberry hints with an earthy caramel tartness.


Swingbridge Blonde Ale [5%]  **473 ml can  Manitoulin Brewing Company, Manitoulin

A distinctively smooth, flavourful, fresh and easy drinking blonde ale - slightly bitter and full bodied, with a clean crisp finish.


Bridal Veil Pale Ale [5%]  **473  ml can  Manitoulin Brewing Company, Manitoulin

A clear, crisp unfiltered pale ale with a balanced malt finish and slight hoppy finish.   



Suffolk St Session [4.2%]   **500 ml btl  Royal City Brewing, Guelph

A light English Best Bitter style - like the Arkell - crisp, subtle soft fruit taste with hints of biscuit and bread - crisp/ smooth finish.


Stonehammer Pale Ale [5%]   **473 ml can  Stonehammer Brewing, Guelph

Easy drinking pale ale - pours rich copper showing hints of melon and citrus on nose and leaves a nice hop/ malty hit on palate.


Cup and Saucer English  Ale [5%]  **473 ml can   Manitoulin Brewing Company   Manitoulin                                             

Smooth easy drinking ale- soft touch of malt with a hint of caramel. A must-try.


Hockley Dark Ale [5%]   **473 ml can  Hockley Valley Brewing, Orangeville

With hints of roasted nuts, caramel and chocolate this English Midlands style dark ale pours dark and drinks light.


Stonehammer Dark [5%]  **473 ml can  Stonehammer Brewing, Guelph

Easy drinking, smooth amber brown ale. Offers notes of caramel and cocoa on the nose with a finish of nutty caramel and mocha. 


Saturday Night Cream Ale [5.3%]  **473 ml can  Stack Brewing, Sudbury  

These guys have crafted a wonderful cream ale. Pours golden straw yellow with a smooth and crisp taste. You will note a slight hint of sweetness from the caramelized malted barley - another quaffer.


Dead Elephant Pale Ale [6.5%]  **473 ml can  Railway City Brewing, St. Thomas

A true ‘hop bomb’ pale ale - full bodied with hints of apricot and mango on nose and palate and a lingering  hop finish.


Exhibition Session IPA [4.5%]  **500 ml btl  Royal City Brewing, Guelph

Lighter style IPA offers hints of grapefruit and gooseberry  on nose- finishing dry and crisp with slight bitter hoppy taste on palate.


10 Point IPA  Strong Beer [6%]  **473 ml can  Lake of Bays Brewing, Baysville


Full bodied with a moderate to bold malty finish with touches of roasted malts, dark toffee, molasses and black licorice.



Pilseners, Lagers, Porters, Gluten Free and Others


Split Rail Copper Lager [5%]   **500 ml btl  Split Rail Brewing, Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island                                             

This deep gold lager is brewed with full bodied malts and shows a smooth  hop finish with mild malt flavour.


Hockley Valley Classic Lager [5%]   **473 ml can  Hockley Valley Brewing, Orangeville 

An all around easy drinker. A clean, smooth beer offering both ale and lager characteristics.

 Steamwhistle Pilsner [5%]  Steamwhistle Brewing Co., Toronto

An authentically crafted micro brewed pilsener using the purest spring water, malted barley hops and yeast. A must-try.


 Stonehammer Pilsner [5%]      **473 ml can                      Stonehammer Brewing                            Guelph, Ont   

(this straw coloured refreshingly crafted pils shows flavours of malty graham cracker- lightly hopped and thirst quenching)


Smoked Honey [5.5%]  Hybrid Ale  **500 ml btl  Royal City Brewing, Guelph

This cross between an ale and lager offers a slight smoky/unsweetened honey taste, drinks light and finishes dry. A must-try.



Glutenburg Blonde  [4.5%]   **473 ml can  Glutenberg Brewing, Montreal

Rated one of the best 100% gluten free beers. Crafted by Glutenberg Brewing, a true blonde ale with a clear, crisp finish.


Vanilla Porter  [5%]  **440 ml can  Mill St. Brewing, Toronto      

Smooth vanilla nose leading to hints of smoky plum on the palate. Rich, smooth, great as a sipper or with any chocolate dessert.


      Wicked Citrus Gin Coolers     **473 ml cans  [5%]    $7    Dixon Spirits         Guelph, Ontario


Gin Fusion      refreshing blend of  Wicked Citrus Gin, ginger, cucumber, lime and mint-light-not to0 sweet


Lemon Gin Fusion      refreshing, crisp blend of lemon and Wicked Citrus Gin



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