Garden's Gate Menu

Here at the Garden's Gate we're committed to fresh, locally grown food, and that's why our menu never stays the same for long. We keep things flexible to make best use of locally grown produce and locally raised meats in season. You'll also find new and creative specials on our menu weekly throughout the growing season.


Springtime Entreé Specials

All entrees served with rolls, choice of side dish and fresh vegetables-all prepared for you in our kitchen.


Fresh Whitefish

A fresh piece of Whitefish from the Murray Hore Fishery on the North Channel of Lake Huron. One of our classics, done the same way for 24 years; boneless and dipped in our special seasoning (16+ ingredients) then grilled to perfection. Served with our own homemade peach chutney.   $22


Maple Orange Lamb Steak

A must try from our chefs, only at the Garden’s Gate. We use lamb sourced from Angela and Mike at Cheeky Heifer Farms in Providence Bay. Marinated in our maple syrup and orange juice and served to you with our own mango/ginger chutney.   $28



Chicken Breast Stuffed with Wild Leeks

Oh wow - only on Manitoulin. Imagine skinless, boneless chicken breast dipped in our own special seasoning, stuffed with a mixture of wild leeks (freshly picked from our garden), ricotta cheese, our garlic and sundried tomatoes, grilled gently in sunflower seed oil, and served to you.   $23


Beverage Special

Try this unique offering from Twin Pine Orchards and Cider House in Thetford, Ontario. Winner of ‘Best in Show” of 327 international ciders .  


Hammer Bent Red Cider (6.8% alcohol)

Hard cider from Ontario red courtland, northern spy, Ida red and golden russet apples. Crisp, refreshing, sparkling.

325 ml frosty mug   $8        1 L btl    $22


Our Main Event

Grille and Galley 8 oz AAA Striploin Steak

8 ounces of AAA striploin steak, grilled to perfection and served topped with our fresh herb butter blend.   $26


Slow Cooked Roast Beef with Dates

Manitoulin grass fed beef, slow cooked in a garlic, onion, red wine, tomato, dates and carrot sauce.   $24


Liver and Onions

Dipped in our own special seasonings, grilled juicy and tender.   2 Slices $19   1 Slice $17


Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken breast coated in our special seasoning, grilled juicy and tender.   $19


Fettucini with 3 Mushroom Cream Sauce

Our signature sauce, we make it from portobello, shiitake (local) and cremini mushrooms with onions, garlic, kale, thyme, white wine and coconut milk - simmered gently and  served on top of Maria’s famous fettucini noodles.   $19  *also vegetarian



Tempeh Burger

We take tempeh from Noble Beans (Montreal)-marinate it in our maple syrup and orange juice - grill it and serve it on a bed of lettuce and marinated onions accompanied by veggies and choice of potato dish.   $18


Black Bean Citrus Chilli with Pico De Gallo Guacamole

Our chilli is made from black beans, garlic, sweet peppers, carrots, tomatoes, orange juice and herbs - topped with guacamole and sides of fresh veggies and rice.   $17


*also see pasta dish in Main Event section



Caesar Salad

Romaine tossed with our own garlicky caesar dressing, croutons and bacon.   Small $5    Large $10


Village Greek

Romaine layered with tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, feta cheese and our own Greek dressing.   Small $5   Large $12


*add grilled chicken breast to either   $6


Tossed Green Salad 

(choice of our own dressings)    Small $4    Large $8


Cheese in a Mason Jar

A small mason jar, layered with goat cheese, thyme, rosemary, garlic, balsamic vinegar and mixed peppercorns. Covered with olive oil and served with a multigrain baguette.   $14


Garlic-Orange Spiced Olives  

Mixed olives marinating in sunflower oil, garlic, orange zest, rosemary and fennel seeds served with a multigrain baguette.   $12


Chilli Cheese Dip with Nachos

Our dip is made from ground meat from local grass fed beef, with onions, jalapenos, peppers, tomato sauce and cheese - served with large multicoloured nachos.   $14


Mushroom Caps  

Served with our own ranch dressing.  $9


Soup of the Day  

Always fresh and made by us. Ask your server about flavour   $5


On the Lighter Side


 A fresh piece of local Whitefish from the Murray Hore Fishery on the North Channel, dipped in our special seasoning and grilled.   $16


Chicken Fingers  

 These are yummy because we make them ourselves.   $14


*Served with your choice of salad or French fries. Change to a Caesar or Greek add $3 


Children's Menu

Chicken Fingers

4 pieces with fries or salad   $8


Fettucini Noodles

Plain or with Tomato Sauce   $6


Chicken Breast 

4 oz dipped in flour   $10


(served with choice of potatoes and veggies or a salad)


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