5 Reasons To Have Your Wedding And Dinner In Manitoulin

There are many reasons to be hopeful for a 2021 wedding season, and if you are currently in planning mode – or want to make up for a missed date you may not get back in 2021 – you’ll want a dependable place to hold it!

When making your arrangements, consider Manitoulin Island. Here are five reasons to have your wedding and dinner here!

There’s So Much For Your Guests To Do

Ceremonies and receptions held on Manitoulin Island can be destination weddings while not being prohibitively far away for your guests in Ontario. It means more people will be able to enjoy your special weekend while getting away from it all, and there’s no better place to spend a lovely couple of days than on the Island! 

While you’re getting the venue ready and heading out for your honeymoon, your guests will take in so much of what Manitoulin Island has to offer. From outdoor sports like hiking, fishing, and kayaking to shopping, museums, and all kinds of unique tours, nobody can be bored here!

There Are Many Types Of Spots For Guests To Stay

Because, for most couples in Ontario, a Manitoulin Island wedding would be a destination wedding, their guests will need a place to stay for the night or weekend. Luckily, Manitoulin Island has just about every kind of lodging you can imagine! They can book a room in a Little Current hotel, rent a rustic cottage for the weekend, or – if they enjoy roughing it – reserve a campsite. It’s an ideal location for everyone’s tastes!

Manitoulin Island Has A One-Of-A-Kind Cuisine!

Ontario is a province full of flavour, but few places have a cuisine as unique as Manitoulin Island. The vegetables are fresher, the fish and game are tastier, and the local breweries are incredible. But just because the Island is a little wilder than most places, don’t worry – you can still find a favourite cuisine that is in line with your ideal wedding day meal. 

If you choose to savour the Island flavours for your big day, make sure to send your guests home with a jar of hawberry preserves! 

There Are Many Places To Hold The Ceremony & Reception Dinner!

Have you ever thought of getting married next to a lighthouse? Do you want to get married in a fancy barn? How about in the real wilderness? There are so many picturesque wedding settings to have your ceremony and celebratory dinner. Walk down an aisle with Georgian Bay as the background, enjoy a dinner made with fresh, local ingredients, and dance the night away under some of the clearest night skies in Ontario!

Manitoulin Is Ripe For The (Wedding) Picking!

Brides, grooms, and wedding planners are scrambling to make up for the delays caused by 2020. Manitoulin Island, at more than 2700 kilometres squared, has more than enough space to fit you, your guests, and your plans, whether they are intimate or extravagant. While exploring Manitoulin’s opportunities, couples and their wedding planners will find that most venues are open and transparent about the conditions created by COVID-19. You’ll be able to make a memorable ceremony and celebratory dinner for you and your guests!

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