How To Spend An Amazing Weekend On Manitoulin Island

Located in Northeastern Ontario on Lake Huron, Manitoulin Island is the world’s largest freshwater island. Renowned for its natural beauty, the Island is an expansive bit of wilderness, with many surprises just waiting for you. Here’s how you can spend an amazing weekend like a true Haweater!

Walk Manitoulin Island’s Beautiful Trails

Manitoulin Island is a top destination for hiking, and there are many trails of a wide variety of lengths – from a couple of hours to a full day. Manitoulin Island has something for hikers of all skill levels: the easy-to-access walk of the Bebamikawe Memorial Trail, the gorgeous water of the Bridal Veil Falls, and the breath-taking views of the Cup & Saucer are just some of the more notable trails.

Go Cycling

One of the best ways to see more of Manitoulin is to hop on a bike. The local cycling club, Manitoulin Island Cycling Advocates, has worked hard to make the roads safer for cyclists. Now there are paved shoulders along Hwy 6 2010, Hwy 551 2015, Hwy 6 Ten Mile Point to Little Current in 2018, Little Current to Honora Bay 2018 and Honora Bay to Kagawong 2019. On top of these safe (look out for the ferry traffic on Highway 6!), there are many bike tracks and paths perfect for a weekend of exploration. Take a map and see a unique side of the Island!

Rent A Canoe Or Take A Canoe Tour

Manitoulin Island is the ideal spot for spending a weekend paddling in a canoe because while it is in a lake, it has plenty of lakes of its own – 108 to be exact. This includes Lake Manitou, which, at 104 square kilometres, is the largest lake on a lake and the largest lake on an island in the world! 

Exploring the serene waters in and around the island is an experience like no other, and if you’re not up for paddling or exploring on your own, you could always book a canoe tour – check if they’re available while you’re up here! 

Go Fishing!

If you’re out on the water anyway, why not take a rod and reel with you? Lake Manitou is a highly-touted destination for fishing, with the lake trout bringing anglers from all over the world to our waters. You’ll also find perch, bass, pike and pickerel, and the fun doesn’t stop when the warm weather does – ice fishing on Lake Manitou is always a great way to spend a weekend!

Try The Local Flavours!

Manitoulin Island has long been a destination for foodies, especially those who like to experience the local terroir or the flavours imparted by the land on food. Hawberries, fresh fish, wild game, foraged mushrooms and garden-fresh veggies – there’s so much to try! You can wash everything down with some craft beer from Split Rail, brewed right here on Manitoulin.

The search for local flavour will bring you right to our door! The Garden’s Gate is keeping the local culinary traditions alive. Whether you’ve come for a lovely day of outdoor fun or are just driving through, find unique, fresh, local food paired with craft beers and local wines right through our gate!

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